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If you are a self-employed professional or small business owner with high income, you may be able to capture the significant tax saving advantages of a Defined Benefit plan. DB plans allow the highest tax-deductible contributions of all retirement plans and could save you tens of thousands in taxes each year. Over the life of your plan you could potentially defer hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Tax Savings Analysis

Each professional’s situation is unique, therefore we need a few pieces of information to generate a complimentary Tax Savings Proposal for you. Your information will be kept confidential and there are no strings attached.  We can email you or call you with your proposal. 

Also, please feel free to reach out to us directly to discuss your potential savings. You can reach Peter Thoms at: or 619-435-1701

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Read more detail about these powerful tax and retirement savings options and find out if they will work for you.

Case Studies

Read how these plans have helped other self-employed professionals and business owners save tens of thousands.


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