Locum Tenens: Did You Pay More In Taxes Than You Had To?

Tax Day has recently passed, and many locum tenens physicians just paid many thousands of dollars more in taxes than they needed to.

The irony is that many locums actually have financial circumstances that would permit them to cut a large chunk from their tax bill.

Because many locums . . .

Are independent contractors
Have high income from self-employment
Have few to no employees
Have few deductible expenses
And pay a high rate of tax on their income. . .
they are in an excellent position to cut their taxes while accelerating their retirement savings by setting up a customized, high-contribution retirement plan.

At Locum Tenens Tax Strategy, we specialize in constructing customized retirement plan solutions designed to maximize a physician’s tax savings while rapidly building his/her retirement next egg.

Visit us at www.locumtenenstaxstrategy.com to learn more.

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Peter C. Thoms, CFA

About the author

Peter Thoms founded Orion Capital Management LLC in April 2002. Peter has an extensive background in crafting investment solutions for high-income clients in a wide variety of circumstances. He has a passion for helping clients to protect their hard-earned income and does do by structuring customized retirement and investment strategies to minimize clients' tax burden while accelerating their retirement savings.